The speech of Congressman Rahul Gandhi has been canceled. Then, Thakare responded to the assassination of democracy. Now, even before the match, the Thakare gang has thrown arrows of criticism at the Modi administration. Prime Minister Narendra Modi claims that there is nectar throughout the land, however daily poison fountains are observed during this nectar season. What is their crime in accusing Rahul Gandhi of being a thief? This is noted in the Samana headline.

What precisely did the headline state?

The administration of Modi has displayed cowardice by removing Rahul Gandhi’s seat in parliament. Rahul Gandhi has demonstrated the bravery to refer to the thieves as thieves, so exposing himself to legal action. How is Modi, the surname of every criminal? Rahul Gandhi posed this question during a campaign event in Karnataka.

A different Modi Surat from Gujarat claimed that’Mondinama was defamed in court. In this case, the court in Surat has given Rahul Gandhi a two-year term. Rahul Gandhi was offered the option of apologizing to clear his name. Yet, Rahul Gandhi did not apologize and instead accepted the court’s decision to release him on bail.

After the outcome, Rahul Gandhi stated that truth is my god, but in the current day, both truth and God are threatened by a catastrophe. According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this phase is amortizing.

Chorah was called a thief Rahul Gandhi’s crime

Around the same period, criminals were penalized for labeling others as thieves. The burglars failed to obtain a saw. Parliament announces Gautam Dhanani and Modi Bhai-Bhai, country robbery trench cream.

The legislature is closed for two weeks. There is no word for action regarding payments for nation pillage. But the governing party has shot Rahul Gandhi from the court’s shoulder as the criminals have been termed thieves. Two years of incarceration in a defamation lawsuit is unprecedented in our nation, but the trial in the Rahul Gandhi defamation case has become an exception.

Rahul Gandhi has previously asserted that Modi is a thief, but it has been demonstrated that he is also a coward. Obviously, the tale that cost billions of rupees to spread throughout the nation was called to a halt by the Surat Court in Gujarat.

There are limits on the media, but since the Surat court lifted these restrictions, who is the real Modi? This is what the nation has demonstrated. There is also a democratic and judicial need to eradicate corruption in the country, according to the headline.