After the recent release of songs from his upcoming film “Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan,” Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has lately been in the news for a number of reasons. But, this time around, the actor is being discussed in the media due to his most recent automobile purchase. The actor is said to have purchased a Nissan Patrol SUV, as stated by the reports of a number of different media publications.

Salman Khan imports armored Vehicle after Lawrence Bishnoi gang murder threats.

Salman Khan has purchased a bulletproof Nissan Patrol Vehicle 2023 2

In addition, the vehicle has been upgraded with additional features, such as bulletproof glass, to provide an additional layer of protection. At the launch of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre in Mumbai, the actor was reportedly seen driving his brand-new sport utility vehicle (SUV). After claims of death threats, the vehicles in Salman Khan’s garage were reportedly updated to include bulletproof features. It is important to highlight that these upgrades took place.

Salman Khan arrived in a luxury, armored Vehicle.

Salman Khan has purchased a bulletproof Nissan Patrol Vehicle 2023 3

There are rumors circulating that Salman Khan has purchased a brand-new Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 to serve as a substitute for the brand-new Nissan Patrol SUV that he previously owned. The ponderous SUV produced by the Japanese car manufacturer is not available for purchase in the Indian market. As a result, there is a good likelihood that the automobile was brought into the nation from another. Because of their size, large Vehicles like this are frequently chosen to be bulletproofed.

The Nissan Patrol SUV that Salman Khan has is equipped with a 5.6-liter V8 gasoline engine that is capable of producing 405 horsepower and 560 Nm of peak torque. A seven-speed automatic gearbox is used to distribute this power to each of the vehicle’s four axles. In some countries, consumers also have the option of purchasing a gasoline engine with a displacement of 4.0 liters and six cylinders.

Salman Khan arrived in a luxurious Vehicle that is bulletproof.

In addition to the Nissan, Salman Khan’s garage contains a Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography long-wheelbase. This vehicle has a 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine that is capable of producing a maximum output of 254 horsepower at 4,000 revolutions per minute and a maximum torque of 600 newton-meters at 2,250 revolutions per minute, and it costs approximately Rs 1.87 crores (ex-showroom). In addition to that, it was said that he had an Audi RS7.

The actor is also passionate about motorcycles and rides a Suzuki Hayabusa, which he owns. The legendary motorbike is propelled by a four-cylinder engine that has a capacity of 1.3 liters and is cooled by liquid and that produces 173 horsepower.

In other developments, the actor’s newest film, titled Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, is almost ready to be distributed. Salman Khan turned to social media in order to make the announcement regarding the release date of the movie’s trailer before he announced the actual release date. According to the actor, the teaser trailer for the upcoming film will be released on April 10th.