Ugadi, a Routu spring celebration, occurs in the winter. A fresh crop is planted and celebrated by the farmers in Uganda, who see the country as a source of new life. The Teluguari calendar is innately enacted in the culture’s defining symbol, the logos. Hopefully, by the start of the new year, everyone has identified their collective melon and can go on.

Markets for flowers thrive during the Ugadi holiday.

After 30 years, Saturn has reached the nomadic phase of its storyline. Both Rahau and Venus are located in Aries, whereas Ketu is in Libra and Kujudu is in Mythunanashi.

The future holds great success and happiness for Sagittarius. During the start of Chaitra Shukla, Sinha Rashi has a number of advantages. Libra is predicted to have a very upbeat and optimistic year.