Siddhapith Sri Shakambari Devi issued a warning when it poured in the highlands, however traffic was reopened quickly after the weather improved

There has been an unexpected traffic standstill due to an alarm at Shakambhari Devi.

Siddhapith when it rains in the hills at midday in Maganalwar Police enforced a traffic stop at Baba Bhubideva temple for security reasons when an alert was sent for the likelihood of water falling from the bloodstalk temple above Shri Shakambhari Devi provided However, within a short time the rain stopped and the weather began to improve, and traffic was reopened.

The devotees paid a visit to Adishtakti’s mother Shakambari Devi, where they made offerings and sought blessings. Chaitra’s first Navratri occurs on Wednesday First Navratri Siddhapeeth is attracting a big number of devotees, which has the authorities on high alert. In addition, the flood outpost has been informed of the weather patterns

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Roadways operate a bus service to Mother Shakumbhari University

Saharanpur Depot of Transport Corporation has initiated the operation of road buses for Ma Shakumbhari University This bus will travel to Barauli through the puwankara. Also, the operation of this bus will help the residents of around 14 villages located along the Janata Road leading to Barauli.

As of yet, there was no road bus service for Mother Shakumbhari University. Hence, students and faculty were required to utilize their own private automobiles or tempos to reach the campus. Often, governmental officials and residents also demanded that a roads bus be driven to Mother Shakumbhari University so that students could get there without difficulty.