According to reports, another encounter has occurred in Uttar Pradesh. In this encounter, the infamous gangster Anil Dujana is slain. At Merut, the Northern Territory Special Task Force acted. This was conveyed to the news agency by ANI.

According to the Director General of Police, Amitabh Yojana, an additional Director General of the Uttar Pradesh Special Force Task, Anil Dudzana was accused with second offenses. One homicide occurred in this.

UP STF kills Meerut gangster Anil Dujana 2023 2

Additionally, he was accused with offenses including uprisings, robberies, looting, and ransom. Anil Duzana, the notorious thug of Western UP, was slain by the spinal unit of the UP Special Task Force. He faced multiple lawsuits. He was a hired assassin. This was his first homicide case. Further investigation is underway “

Who is Anil Duzana?

Anil Dujana’s original name is Anil Singh. Since he was born in the Uttar Pradesh village of Duzana, his identity has not changed.

His family consists of himself, two siblings, and one sister In 2002, he murdered one by seizing Rs.

UP STF kills Meerut gangster Anil Dujana 2023 3

Since then, he has been on police surveillance. He was ultimately slain in today’s confrontation.

Assad’s Confrontation

Last month, there was also an incident in Uttar Pradesh. Son of the notorious gangster Atiq Ahmed, Assad Ahmed was slain in the confrontation. He was on the police’s radar in the Umesh Pal case.

Atiq and his sibling Assad were murdered by the assailants just two days after Assad had been murdered in the encounter.