Toonstar, a Web3 entertainment business, will launch “Space Junk,” an NFT-backed cartoon TV show.
“Workaholics” producer Dominic Russo wrote the comedy about interplanetary trash collectors, starring Jon Heder and Tony Cavalero.
Theta blockchain users can mint “Space Junk” NFTs to build the show’s narrative, create characters, and participate in token-holder-only experiences.

Toonstar CEO and co-founder John Attanasio told CoinDesk that “Space Junk” and other Toonstar movies breach Hollywood’s longstanding creator regimes.

Web3 Entertainment Studio Toonstar Launches NFT-Backed TV Series "Space Junk" 2023 2

“Our mission really is twofold – one is to create original entertainment IP using Web3 as a springboard and the other is giving opportunities to new and diverse creators that may not have had a chance to… get something made,” said Attanasio.

“Space Junk” will generate material using AI. “Wellbecca,” an AI-generated robot, will communicate with fans.

“It’s really cool knowing that we have the inclusion of the audience and the community, and having a little bit more of that interaction in terms of them really putting forth ideas,” Heder told CoinDesk. “I’m intrigued.”
After releasing “The Gimmicks” with Mila Kunis in March 2022, Toonstar became famous for letting token holders pick the show’s path. Toonstar and Hot Topic released NFT items in July.