The two will collaborate on new releases, catalogs, brand partnerships, synchronization deals, marketing events, and artist discovery and upstreaming.

Warner Music Singapore and Cross Ratio said they will unleash new prospects for artists and the business in the burgeoning Asian market.

Warner Music claims Singapore is a regional hub where labels can export Asian artists to the world.

Warner calls Cross Ratio Singapore’s “most successful” independent record label, therefore the transaction is significant.

Dean Augustine, a 30-year music industry veteran, created Cross Ratio in 2015 to train talented singers for the international market.

Augustine nurtured Aiza Seguerra, MlCappella, Tay Kewei, and Vanessa Carlton.

Cross Ratio represents nearly 200 music distribution artists, including Akeem Jahat, Alfred Sim, Belinda Lee, Derrick Hoh, Carla D, Fauzie Laily, Gentle Bones, and Narysal.

Cross Ratio Entertainment and its amazing artists are pleased to join Warner Music Singapore. We’ve always helped regional and international artists break into the music industry.

“We trust that through this collaboration, we can leverage Warner Music’s strength, regional and global expertise to help us put our homegrown artists on the map,” Augustine said.

Warner Music Singapore Signs Global Distribution Deal with Cross Ratio Entertainment 2023 2

“It’s an honor for Warner Music Singapore to support and partner with Cross Ratio Entertainment in their efforts,” said Gerald Ang, Warner Music Singapore’s Managing Director. Dean created Singapore’s best indie record label.”

They’ve built a strong repertoire of Singapore’s most prominent musicians, especially C-Pop. We also connect artists with fans throughout South-East Asia, Greater China, and beyond to strengthen C-Pop in the region. Our commercial knowledge and global network will help us bring their amazing music to people worldwide.”

Warner Music is expanding across Asia with the alliance. Last year, it signed singer-songwriter Valentina Ploy to a strategic relationship with Thailand-based independent label What the Duck.

Warner Music Asia launched Whet Records, a Pan-Asian dance label, in 2021 to work with emerging and established DJs and producers. Prior to that, Warner Music Group unit ADA Worldwide formed ADA Asia in Singapore to serve Greater China, Korea, and South East Asia.

Warner Music Vietnam partnered with Yin Yang Media in 2021 through ADA Asia.

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