Rogue Business Japan: Jung Hyo-min and Kim In-sin devised the show, hosted by Korean celebrities Shin Dong-yup and Sung Si-kyung. The show has six 30–40-minute episodes in Korean and Japanese with English subtitles.

The docuseries explores the Japanese adult entertainment sector and its distinctive services, making it unique.

Risque Business Japan Review Has Mild Spoilers

Japan dominates sexual entertainment, from sex toys to porn. Dong-yup and Si-kyung’s replies were immediate. It was obvious they were uncomfortable talking about sex openly. The series continuously discusses the cultural differences between South Korea and Japan, while Koreans were still taboo about discussing it.

Risque Business Japan Review: Shallow Introduction to Japan's Adult Entertainment Industry 2023 2

Japanese AV stars were interviewed extensively. They also discussed how they got into the industry and how long they have been performing. The performers discuss how the shooting begins and how they prepare physically and emotionally. They show us their workday.

AV actors are also exhibited and discussed. Cliched adult videos target men. Male actors should help their female co-stars shine. AVs for ladies focus on romance and modest intimacy rather than sexuality. The huge contrast between the two businesses shows how sexual content is now available to women.

The show fails to explore industry reality. A superficial image makes the job look easy and fun. Making it even more enticing, actors are requested to state their salary.

The only drawback is working in frigid temperatures. It’s cruel and cutthroat. The creators’ lack of honesty makes it seem like they’re trying to whitewash the industry.

Risque Business Japan Review: Shallow Introduction to Japan's Adult Entertainment Industry 2023 3

However, in the last episode, they briefly highlight how AVs hurt relationships. Japanese couples are becoming “sexless” due to unreasonable expectations and the difficulty of initiating intimacy. However, conversations remain shallow and fail to show its repercussions.

Risque Business Japan: Conclusion

The show is hilarious. Shin Dong-yup and Sung Si-Kyung were open to new things and made others feel comfortable discussing unusual themes.

They quickly developed confidence and actively participated in conversations despite their initial awkwardness. One will learn a lot about the Japanese adult industry but not fully.

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