In Varginha, Brazil, in 1996, demonic-appearing beings allegedly interacted with an unidentified flying object. Some individuals believe that Brazilian authorities have effectively captured the aliens.

Obviously, this has never been proven, and even if it were true, it probably never will be. According to some very old reports, what people believed were aliens were actually a pair of individuals with dwarfism who were expecting a child in a hospital.

Guest Shares Terrifying UFO Story Nightmare material 2023 2

Simply stated, nobody knows what occurred, but the alleged details are horrifying.

The alleged details of the UFO incident at Varginha are unsettling.

Fox painted an extremely horrifying picture during his conversation with Joe Rogan.

Fox claims that one of the creatures “crouched” by a wall and “screeched” at a group of young women. This is not the most disturbing aspect.

Fox explained to a truly stunned Joe Rogan that the creature allegedly communicated to one of the young Brazilian women “please help me” because “it is weak, feeble, and terrified.”

Fox also asserts that the odor of the unidentified organisms was overwhelming and lingered for an extended period of time. The witnesses were also allegedly coerced by unidentified men to remove a suitcase of cash and leave the area.

Guest Shares Terrifying UFO Story Nightmare material 2023 3

‘You guys have no clue. I believe that an alien spacecraft crashed, and that they recovered living aliens. We made contact with them, and then the Americans arrived. When discussing how people reacted when he returned from Brazil after conducting research, the documentary filmmaker elaborated to Rogan, “That’s exactly what I’m thinking about.”

You can view the entire conversation below. It is the stuff of nightmares.

Are we solitary?

In general, I am extremely skeptical of anything involving the supernatural. Yes, we maintain a very open mind at OutKick. It is a point of pride for us, and to be fair, there is an abundance of compelling UFO footage available. The majority of it comes from our military.

That is all excellent and proper. This sort of material is not. This type of information should keep you up at night.

The military, according to Fox, shut everything down, and then two young women discovered a creature – possibly an alien – pleading for assistance.

I’m going to have to decline this, people. A FAR from easy pass. If true, discussing UFOs and aliens is entertaining until they begin to scream in agony.

Are there aliens present? Were extraterrestrial discovered in Brazil in 1996 and the fact was concealed? On the latter question, it seems highly unlikely that a cover-up is even feasible.

Governments are extremely inept at concealing information. Any large organization will have breaches, and there is no evidence that aliens have been discovered.

We may never know the truth behind the UFO incident at Varginha, but for the sake of my sanity, I hope James Fox’s account of the events is false.