Recently, Kanye West attended his daughter North West’s basketball game, and he appeared significantly different from his usual self. West appeared to have experienced easier times than those he is currently experiencing. It also appeared that Kanye was attempting to evade his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West petitioned for divorce in February 2021, after approximately seven years of marriage. Since their divorce was formalized in late 2022, the ex-couple has navigated the challenging path of co-parenting their four children.

On multiple occasions, Kanye West had attacked Kim Kardashian on social media due to their divergent parenting styles.

Here is everything about Kanye West’s current style.

Kanye West in attendance at the basketball contest

On Saturday, Kanye West appeared at North West’s basketball contest looking drastically different. He was observed at the location with a nearly bald cranium and a lengthy beard. He appeared to be laying low by his vehicle in Thousand Oaks, California, wearing a muted ensemble with multiple layers. He avoided encountering the mother of his children, Kim Kardashian, by leaving the game quickly.

Kanye West announces huge change at daughter North's basketball game 2023 2

In contrast, Kim Kardashian appeared well-dressed in oversized red and blue track trousers and a white tank top. She accessorized this ensemble with a ‘Kim’ necklace, black sandals, a black purse, and sunglasses. Kim Kardashian remained for the duration of the game before leaving with North West, who was seen wearing her jersey and carrying a water container.

Kim Kardashian’s costume was even praised on social media. A user remarked, ‘I like this ensemble. The other said, ‘You can tell these are candid, unedited paparazzi photographs, but she doesn’t look bad here.