Katy Perry has promised to release new music “very soon”

Katy Cats, the judge of ‘American Idol’, has something special in store for her admirers in the near future.

In an interview with ‘Extra,’ she teased, “I’m going to give them what they deserve very soon.”

The ‘Roar’ singer, whose sixth album ‘Smile’ was released in 2020, had previously hinted that she would concentrate on a new album once her Las Vegas residency concludes on November 4.

She stated on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’, “I’ll probably go make another record soon, write it, and tour the world after this, which will be so great.”

The 38-year-old superstar confessed she has a “persona” when performing at the Resorts World Theatre for her ‘Katy Perry:PLAY’ show, and she saves “a lot of that energy” for her live performances.

Katy Perry promises new music'very soon' 2023 2

“There is definitely an onstage character. I store most of that energy for performing and dialing it up.

“I really enjoy putting on this performance. It’s my favorite program, and it brings me the most happiness.”

Katy explained that she does not “talk much offstage” because she prefers to save her energy until she can “turn it up to 11” in front of an audience.

She added: “I’m beautiful, like, even offstage. I am more of a businesswoman; I rarely speak offstage… I am primarily an observer.

“I save my energy for when I need to turn it on, because when I do, it’s on 11!”

The ‘Teenage Dream’ singer is scheduled to perform at King Charles and Queen Camila’s Coronation Concert on May 7; she will also be staying at Windsor Castle.

She exclaimed, “I’m very thrilled… I may post frequently because I will be staying in a citadel. “This is insane!”