Allu Arjun is a well-known actor in both the Telugu film industry and the rest of the country. Although he comes from a filmmaking family, he never intended to enter the industry. In an interview, he disclosed his desire to become an animator. As Allu Arjun turns another year older, let’s learn more about him and his journey to becoming one of India’s most prominent actors. (Also See | Samantha Read) Ruth Prabhu states that Allu Arjun is not involved in daughter Arha’s decision-making)

Did you know Allu Arjun aspired to be an animator but ended up in the film? His story follows

When Allu Arjun first considered a career in animation instead of acting 2023 2

Allu Arjun is the son of Allu Aravind, a film producer. He made his acting d├ębut in the 2003 Telugu romantic drama Gangotri, in which he played the main role. It was helmed by director K. Raghavendra Rao. In 2004, after starring in Sukumar’s cult classic Arya, he soared to prominence and never looked back.

In a 2020 interview, the actor was questioned if he had always desired to be an actor. Allu Arjun told Filmfare, “I aspired to be an animator at first. However, my interest soon waned. When you are born into a film family, your milieu influences you. No matter where you go, you will eventually return to movies. This location has some gravitational pull.”

He was also asked if having family members in the same profession creates competition. He denied it further by stating, “Not at all. Your journey is your own, regardless of the competition. From the outside, it appears that everyone is running in the race together. But from the inside, you’re operating in accordance with your own capabilities.”

On Saturday, Allu Arjun commemorates his 41st birthday.

Allu concluded 20 years in the film industry last month. He took to Instagram and penned a note expressing gratitude to everyone who had helped define his career, especially his admirers. “Today marks my twentieth year in the film industry. I am incredibly fortunate and have been lavished with affection. I am indebted to all of my industry colleagues. I am who I am due to the affection of my audience, admirers, and devotees. “Thanks eternally,” he expressed.

In the meantime, the actor will appear in Pushpa 2: The Rule. The producers recently released a special video and a new poster featuring Allu Arjun in a new appearance. It is the continuation of Pushpa: The Ascent.