Bajrang Dal Ban: The Congress manifesto in Karnataka stated that, if elected, the Bajrang party would be outlawed. Now that the issue has reached Chhattisgarh, CM Baghel has issued a significant statement.

Before the Karnataka assembly election, Congress issued a manifesto that demanded the outlawing of the Bajrang party. Congress asserts that if a government is founded in Karnataka, groups such as Bajrang Dal will be prohibited.

This issue has now spread beyond Karnataka to many electoral states in India. Now, the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Bhupesh Baghel, has made a significant statement regarding this.

On the subject of banning the Bajrang Dal, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel stated, “We have cleaned up the mess that the Bajrangis created here.” If necessary, I would consider outlawing the Bajrang Dal in Chhattisgary as well. According to the problem in Karnataka, it has been suggested to prohibit there.’

Constant opposition party assaults on Congress

Since the announcement of this Congress, opposition parties have consistently attacked Congress. In Rajasthan, BJP leader Satish Poonis attacked the Congress on the issue of the past, stating, “The difference between the BJP and the Congress is that the BJP targets institutions that plot against the country, while the Congress targets institutions that promote nationalism.”

Chief of the Madhya Pradesh PCC, Kamalnath, made this statement.

Will Chhattisgarh ban Bajrang Dal? 2023 2

In fact, the BJP attempted to encircle the Congress in Madhya Pradesh by making it an election issue. The MP’s Grihamtri questioned PCC Chief Kamalnath in a letter as to whether he supported or opposed the Congress’s decision. Kamalnath responded, “The Supreme Court only discusses the ban on hate groups; what’s new here?” However, he also stated that all decisions will be made at the meeting of the manifesto committee.