The Yogi administration, which will host the inaugural Khelo India University Games, has nearly completed preparations. It is probable that the logo, mascot, and anthem of the Games will be unveiled on 5 May at the Indira Gandhi establishment in Lucknow, while ten-day multisport events will be organized around 25 May. The dates may be disclosed following the sanction of CM Yogi.

It is stated that Uttar Pradesh will host this event for the very first time. CM Yogi has instructed officials that there should be no core supporter for the event’s preparations. Special attention must be paid to the safety and comfort of female athletes. When participants return from competitions, they should have a favorable impression of UP.

Yogi Sarkar prepares to host Khel India University Games 2023 2

The concluding phases of preparation

The Yogi administration is in the final phases of preparations for the Khel India University Games. Arrangements for players to pause and imbibe have already been made, and venues are also undergoing rapid preparations. Air conditioning for sporting goods has been requested for the locker room. The selection of all sorts of agencies associated with the event has been finalized, and now CM Yogi is expected to assess the preparations for the entire event. As soon as they are approved, the schedule will be finalized

Yogi Sarkar prepares to host Khel India University Games 2023 3

Most occasions will occur in Lucknow.

The Khelo India University Games will take place in four UP cities. The top twelve sporting events in Lucknow will be conducted at eight venues. Archery competitions will be held at the BBD University Cricket Ground. BBD University Main Ground will host Judo and Malakhamb competitions, while Ikana Sportz City-Indoor will host volleyball and fencing competitions.

Also BBD Badminton Academy Indoor badminton and table tennis, rugby and athletics at Guru Gobind Singh Sports College Athletics Ground. Football events on the hockey and football fields of the same venue However, women’s football will be played at Ikana Sportz City’s football field. Here, tennis matches will be played on the tennis court.

There will be a water sports event in Gorakhpur.

After Lucknow, the greatest occurrences will take place in Gautambuddhanagar. Five sporting competitions will be contested across three venues. Swimming will take place at the SVSP Sports Complex, while Kabaddi and Boxing will be held in the Indoor Hall of this complex.

Basketball and weightlifting will be held at the Indoor Hall of Gautambuddhanagar University. Similarly, an Indoor Venue of IIT BHU in Varanasi will host two recent activities (Yogasan and Wrestling).

Concurrently, a rowing competition will be held at the Water Sports Complex in Gorakhpur. The rowing competition is included for the first time in these games. In addition, photography events will take place in Delhi

Something will be on the agenda

Speaking of the schedule, the competition will begin on the first day with basketball (4 days), volleyball (4 days), badminton (5 days), Kabaddi (5 days), and rugby (3 days). This will be followed by three days of Yogasan and seven days of photography.

The third day will feature rowing (3 days), judo (4 days), hockey (7 days), and swimming (4 days). Tennis (seven days) will begin on the fifth day, followed by archery (five days), boxing (five days), and weightlifting (five days) on the seventh day, wrestling (four days), Mallakhamb (four days), fencing (four days), and table tennis (four days) on the eighth day.

On the ninth day, three days of athletics will commence Throughout the day, both men’s and women’s football competitions will take place.

Data and Statistics

  • 4705 athletes will compete.
  • In addition, 941 support staff will be present
  • 1500 volunteers will render assistance
  • Includes 200 institutions
  • 21 sporting competitions will take place.
  • Four events will be conducted in UP cities.
  • One event will also occur in Delhi.
  • There will be events at 15 venues.