On Saturday, the names of all 124 candidates for the upcoming elections for the Karnataka Assembly were made public by the Congress party. (Karnataka Elections) Siddaramaiah, a former Chief Minister of Karnataka, would be running for office in Mysore starting from (Varuna ). (First list of candidates submitted to Congress)

DK Shivakumar, the current President of the Karnataka Congress, has decided to run for election in the Kanakapura constituency. The son of the President of the Congress, Mallikarjun Kharge, Priyank Kharge, is on his way from Chitpur.

First congressional candidate list Siddaramaiah Varuna's competition to replace the son 2023 2

Siddaramaiah Varuna competition to replace the son

Embi Patil and Dinesh Gundurao will receive tickets from the Babeleshwar and Gandhinagar constituencies, respectively. The incumbent Member of Legislative Assembly Venkataramappa was pushed aside in favor of a fresh contender for the Congress party ticket.

Emmelsi, who has been fleeing the BJP, has been given a ticket to run for election from his birthplace of Rajazinagar, while KH Muniyappa, a former Union Minister, will run for election in Devanahalli. Yatindra Siddharamaiah, who is Siddharama’s son, is now serving as the representative of Varuna in Mysore.

The Badami Segment of the Bagalkot District is located in the northern section of the state, and Siddharamaya, the head of the Congress Legislative Party, is the current representative for that segment. DeKay Shivakumar is already a Kanakapura Sitting MLA.

In the past, Siddharamaiah has expressed interest in running for assembly from his own parliamentary seat, which is called Varnu. In the next days, the Electoral Commission will declare the election calendar for the Assembly, which is expected to take place in May.