The minister is Marlene Schiapa. She is in charge of the Department of Social Economics. In the photo Marlene posed for the magazine, she was wearing full clothing.

This issue of Playboy Magazine is dated April. This cover is exclusive to the French version of Picture Magazine.

His colleagues and opponents are dissatisfied with Marlene’s plan to take a picture shoot.

Prime Minister voiced questions

French minister on Playboy cover, controversy 2023 2

Elizabeth Bourne, the prime minister of France, is also among those who doubt the choice.
Prime Minister Elizabeth said, “Their action is inappropriate, particularly at this time.”

In France, police and striking employees have engaged in deadly battles in recent weeks. Workers are enraged by the pension arrangement proposed by President Emmanuel Macron. President Macron proposes a two-year increase in the retirement age.

Sanderin Rosso, a member of the Green Party, has, like Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne, raised doubts. The advocate for women’s rights, Sanderin Rosso, has questioned the timing of the picture session.

He told the BFM television station, “I have no problem with women baring their bodies anyplace, but there is a societal context.”

With this photo will also be released an interview. It will discuss women’s rights and homosexual rights. Moreover, simultaneous abortion will be considered.

Saturday, Marlene Schiapa reacted to the matter and defended her choice.

Relationship with a history of discord

Marlene Schiapa has forty years of age. She regularly appears on French television chat shows. Before entering politics, she continued to advocate for women’s rights.

She has published on “Maternity Issues” and “Health and Pregnancy in Women.”

In 2018, she served as Minister of Equality. At that time, she introduced legislation to criminalize street harassment.

But, this is not the first time that Marlene has been involved in a scandal.

In 2010, he published a book. The obese were offered “sexual advice.” This was questioned by critics.

In 2017, he was accused of accessing a restricted location in Paris.

What did the editor of the magazine say?

French minister on Playboy cover, controversy 2023 3

The editor of Playboy’s French Edition, Jean Florentine, has endorsed Marlene’s desire to perform a picture session for a magazine.

Being an advocate for women’s rights, she deems Marlene the most ‘suitable’ minister of the Macron administration to come to Playboy.

Moreover, the editor has defended the journal. Several feminists reject this magazine on the grounds that it depicts women’s bodies as commodities.

He stated, “Playboy Soft is not a pornographic magazine, but rather a “quiet” (300 pez and a mix of books) publication with intellectual content and trend.”

The majority of pages in this publication do not feature images of naked women, Florentine stated.