On Thursday, alleged Umesh Pal murderers Mafia Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf appeared in court. The CJM court sentenced them to 14 days in judicial detention. Both Naini will be jailed. Lawyers threw shoes at Atik after court.

In the court, Atiq cried severely after hearing about Assad’s meeting. Atik sat. He requested water. ‘Atiq Ahmed Murdabad, Umesh Pal Amar Jeevan’ was also chanted in the court. Yogi-Modi Zindabad chants were raised.

Atiq and Ashraf were removed by the RAF after attorneys protested. They rode in the same police vehicle to Naini Central Jail.

Prayagaraj sat head-on in the courtroom; Atik started weeping as the son's Encounter was disclosed. Jailed for 14 days at Atik-Ashraf 2023 2

Lawyers and reporters clashed.

Before the muscle, attorneys chanted against Atik Ahmed in court. Police took videomakers’ phones. Lawyers’ media staff have clashed on court grounds. However, the police expelled media from the premises.

9 Umesh murder suspects

Umesh Pal was shot dead outside the daylight home in Prayagraj on February 24. Umesh’s wife Jaya Pal filed a Namjad complaint against Atik Ahmed, Ashraf, Shaista Parveen Samet, and 9 others. The police have also identified several murder plotters.

Atik has driven from Sabarmati again. Atik is at Naini jail’s barrack 7.

Mafia Atik Ahmed, accused of Umesh Pal murder, arrived to Naini Jail in Prayagraj around 6 pm on Wednesday. Barrack 7 housed Atik. The cops brought Prayagraj from Bareilly to his brother Ashraf. Atik Ahmed’s UP police convoy from Sabarmati prison to Prayagaraja reached Jhansi around 8:30 am on Wednesday. The police took Atik to Prayagraj after 1 hour 21 minutes on Jhansi police line.

Prayagaraj sat head-on in the courtroom; Atik started weeping as the son's Encounter was disclosed. Jailed for 14 days at Atik-Ashraf 2023 3

Shivpuri statement: I did not scheme from jail.

Shivpuri police convoy stopped for 30 minutes earlier. “Because of you I am safe,” Atik told the press. There are jammers. I didn’t scheme in prison. 6 years in prison. My family’s wrecked.

Bundi statement—Mafia terminated

Hours earlier, Atik in Bundi, Rajasthan remarked, “My family was completely ruined, I was in jail, what do I know about its (Umesh Pal massacre)?” Mafiagiri ended? Mafiagiri completed. “Rubbed now.”

Atik received Prayagaraj on March 26.

Atik Ahmed arrived in Prayagraj from Ahmedabad earlier. The UP STF departed Ahmedabad prison at 5:45 pm on March 26 for Prayagraj. She entered Naini Jail in Prayagraj around 5:30 pm on March 27. The crew traveled 1300 kilometres in 23 hours 45 minutes. The convoy made 8 stops.

Van conveying Ashraf to Rae Bareli ruined

Atik’s brother Ashraf is also coming from Bareilly to Prayagraj. Ashraf’s vehicle worsened after crossing the Raibareli toll booth. Policemen propelled the vehicle. Ashraf’s convoy moved after 10 minutes.

Umesh Pal atrocity court granted Warrant-B.

Umesh Pal tragedy police are collecting evidence. The police interrogated Atik Ahmed under Warrant-B at MP-MLA court last week. The court accepted it. Prayagaraja police came to Sabarmati prison with two Prison Vans and Inspector Samet 30 officers on Tuesday morning.

Prisoners receive Warrant B. The Investigation Officer informs the court, “We made this person accused.” Court issues warrant B.