The Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (UP STF) has conducted an encounter with Asad (Asad), the son of mafia leader Atiq Ahmed. According to reports, the gunman Ghulam has also perished. This encounter has been conducted in Jhansi by the UP STF. In relation to this affair, UP STF ADG Amitabh Yash stated that the STF crew had been searching for Asad Ahmed and Ghulam for the past 1.5 months.

The ADG stated that Ghulam had once missed after a five-minute delay, but this time the team was successful. In Jhansi, the party is located at Asad and Ghulam.

According to him, Deputy SP Vimal and Navendu are heading the entire operation. The standard operating procedure of the police is to apprehend suspects alive. When STF confronted them, they opened fire. He was murdered in retaliation. The crew has received armaments of foreign origin from them.

There was an attempt to capture Atiq's son Asad alive, UP STF ADG said on the encounter 2023 2

Asad was awarded five lakhs, and a shooter slave was also slain.

Under the direction of Deputy SP Navendu and Deputy SP Vimal of the UP STF, Asad and Mohammad Ghulam were slain in Jhansi during this encounter. Additionally, foreign firearms were recovered from both of them.
British Bull Dog Revolver and Walhther Pistol have reportedly been recovered from Ghulam, along with Asad and the gunman, Mohd.

On the one hand, Atiq was presented in court, while on the other, the authorities conducted an encounter.

There was an attempt to capture Atiq's son Asad alive, UP STF ADG said on the encounter 2023 3

On the one hand, cartel members Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed are currently on trial for the assassination of Umesh Pal. In contrast, UP STF conducted an encounter between Asad and the assailant Ghulam. As stated by UP STF ADG Amitabh Yash, an attempt was made to apprehend Asad and Ghulam alive, but they fired upon the STF squad, resulting in their deaths.

While transporting Sabarmati to Prayagraj, Atiq Ahmed stated that he became entangled in the soil. Now, he is being massaged. During this, he requested that his wife and children not be disturbed. In the interim, Asad, Atiq’s son, was encountered. On Asad’s encounter, Umesh Pal’s mother thanked Yogi ji with folded palms.

Keshav Prasad Maurya congratulated UP STF

Vice-chief minister Keshav Prasad Maurya congratulated the UP STF via Twitter. He wrote, “Congratulations to the UP Special Task Force; this was the fate of the murderers of Umesh Pal Advocate and police personnel!”

Atiq’s household is in peril.

Please explain that after the Umesh Pal homicide case, Atiq Ahmed’s family has experienced increased difficulty. One-half of Atiq Ahmed’s family is currently incarcerated. In the meantime, after the assassination of Umesh Pal, the remaining family members had vanished. After the assassination, Atiq Ahmed has been confined in Sabarmati Jail in Gujarat. Two of his five sons are incarcerated: the eldest, Umar, and the second, Ali Ahmed.

When did Umesh Pal perish?

There was an attempt to capture Atiq's son Asad alive, UP STF ADG said on the encounter 2023 4

On February 24 in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, criminals fatally shot Umesh Pal and his two security guards. Explain that Umesh Pal was the key witness in the murder trial of Raju Pal in Prayagraj. As soon as Umesh exited his vehicle, the criminals opened fire on him. During this, he and one of his gunners perished from gunshot wounds. While the other gunner passed away while being treated. The criminals carried out the carnage in 44 seconds.
The UP STF ADG stated that an endeavor was made to seize Asad alive during the encounter.

Atiq was incensed by the query about Asad.

After his identity surfaced in the Umesh Pal murder case, Atiq Ahmed has previously given multiple statements to the media. His family should not be dragged, he stated. He has confidence in the legal system. Dr. Krishna Dutt explained Atiq’s criminal mindset in relation to a number of his other assertions. According to him, Atiq’s body language indicates that he is attempting to elicit sympathy. After Atiq’s response, Assad became enraged when he was questioned. It indicates that his consciousness is still intact.

The body language of Atik revealed that he was under duress.

Dr. Krishna Dutt had stated that the human psychology of both criminals and ordinary people is identical. Atiq is also a human, and when a human falls, so does his psychology. His body language indicates he is feeling duress. He was overheard conversing normally, stating that our wife and children should not be disturbed.

Would this individual ever have compassion for another’s wife and children? If this cabal makes statements or communicates in this manner, then its psychology can be comprehended. This demonstrates conclusively that Ateeq was under duress.