On Wednesday, Raj Thackeray displayed a video captured by a drone and claimed that a “illegal dargah” was being constructed in the midst of the ocean off the shore of Mahim. In the event that it is not demolished right once, he plans to construct a massive Ganpati temple in the same location. On Thursday, the BMC began the process of destroying the aforementioned structure.

Whose dargah? Will construct temple if': Building demolished due to Raj Thackeray's audacity 2023 2

An “illegal dargah” is now being constructed off the shore of Mahim.

On Wednesday, during his Gudi Padwa address, the head of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, Raj Thackeray, aired a videotape and stated that a “illegal dargah” has risen up off the shore of the Mahim neighborhood in Mumbai. “Whose dargah it is? Is that a fish’s scale? A few of years ago, it was not in that location. Raj Thackeray threatened to do so, saying, “If the unlawful structure is not dismantled soon, then we will erect a gigantic Ganpati temple at the same spot.” On Thursday, the BMC began the process of tearing down the aforementioned edifice.

The video was then published by the Twitter handle of the MNS, which stated that a “new Haji Ali” was being prepared in the middle of the sea in broad daylight, despite the fact that the police and the municipality did not notice it.