On the occasion of World Forestry Day, which was celebrated on March 21, the Chief Minister of the state, Bhupesh, sent his warmest greetings and best wishes to the citizens of the state.

The Chief Minister pleaded for the preservation of the forest

In the message that he sent out on Monday evening, he stated that woods, in addition to being the supply of oxygen on earth, are the source of a variety of different foods and other things that are valuable. The 21st of March is designated as World Forestry Day, and the purpose of this holiday is to raise awareness about the significance of conserving trees and forests all over the world.

The decreasing number of trees and a more polluted environment are two side consequences that are obvious to us as a result of the expanding population and the changing lifestyles of people. There are hundreds upon millions of different species of animals, insects, and other organisms that are dependent on the forest for their survival. This structure is extremely important for the preservation of the environment as well as the harmonious cohabitation of biological communities.

The residents of the state as a whole need to band together in order to safeguard the environment. Plant as many trees as possible and do your part to ensure that the next generation will inherit a clean and healthy environment by protecting the forest that has been established over the years.